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Welcome to the Polish Nurburgring web page!


This web page is dedicated to The Polish fans of the nurburgring circuit and for everyone who is interested in getting to know about it.

I have been Nurburging addicted “tourist rider” on the northern loop for many years.



That is why I decided to establish it.

The Nurburgring is the most legendary race circuit from all over the world. For each motorsport fan is a well-known plece because of its history, but that history was born due to The Northern Loop. That  history was sometimes difficult, sometimes tragic, sometimes beautiful – but always fascinating for those whose interests in motorsport were first.

This web page contains especially my personal point of view to this place – but mainly – is focused on Tourist Rides.

I have driven on the North Loop more than three thousand miles and collected enough experiance to share it with other Polish fans of The Nurburgirng.

You can find here a broad outline of it – including official information and data, my own thinkings to driving on The Northern Loop (of course covers with Ringers’ comments), practical information for tourist rides, maps, selected photos from my trips, links and probably for the first time translated onto Polish - the safety leaflet.

I believe all this information is able to help people who are begginers to The Ring.

It is really worth it to go and try – always with a lot of respect – to drive and to realize what could feel racing drivers in the past times and currently.

No matter you drive on The Northern Loop  - first, houndred or thousend times – is always dangerous but fascinating experiance.

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